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Watt Meter & Power Analyzer 150A 60V DC


Watt Meter - 150 Amps

Constantly displays the actual values for voltage [V], current [A] and power [W]
Records and show in the bottom left, Peak Amps, Peak Watts and Watt per hour and Average Volts. The recorded data will reset each time you switch off the source power.

Professional battery tester 
Great Performance and Precision 
Back-light Blue LCD

Anderson connector on both ENDS



  1. Operating Voltage    0-60V DC
  2. Current    0-150A Intermittent
  3. 50A Continuous
  4. Temperature Range    0-50°C ambient air temp.
  5. Measurement Update Period    400mS
  6. Data Queue Sequence Time    2sec
  7. In Circuit Resistance    0.001 Ohms
  8. Operation Current    7mA
  9. Auxiliary Power Voltage    4.8-60V DC
  10. Case Dimensions    84 x 43 x 25mm (LxWxD)
  11. Weight    140g
  12. Display    16 character x 2 row STN LCD

0-150A resolution 0.01A
0-60V resolution 0.01V
0-6554W resolution 0.1W
0-65Ah resolution 0.001Ah 
0-6554Wh resolution 0.1Wh


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