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Toyota Fortuner and Hilux 2020-2021 (Cambus model) Tire Pressure Monitoring system via diagnostics

Toyota Hilux and Fortuner 2020-2021 (Cambus model) TPMS tire pressure monitoring system real-time intelligent monitoring sensor free auto security alarm system (LED Module)

Does not plug in at OBD port


1. This product fits Hilux and Fortuner 2020-2021 TPMS tire pressure monitoring system real-time intelligent monitoring  sensor free auto security alarm system. Different car model apply different product, before place order, please mark your car model & which year to avoid buying wrong product

2. Prevent tire puncture, monitor the tire pressure and air leakage etc. abnormal tire problems, and it will locate the one who has tire problem only, you can know exactly which tire has problem

3. Easy installation: free of line connection; No need tear down tire; No need battery; no need sensor. you can DIY to complete the installation

4. 4 tires displayed in the specialized use tempered glass at the same time, the sensitivity degree is adjustable

5. It will alarm for fatigue driving: it will alarm with music every 2 hours driving, and the time will be re-calculated after engine off the car


*Includes a 1M  cable ( to Display)

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