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Toyota Corolla 2019 Hatch XS / XR manual and CVT Auto Door Lock via OBD Car speed lock


OBD Speed Lock System

1. Auto locking
Auto Lock the door when you select "D" gear,(or reach 20km per hour) Avoid children opening the door or the thief robbing when you are waiting for the red light.

2. Auto unlocking
when you hang "P" gear, it can auto unlock, convenient for passengers to open the door.

3.Auto unlocking and flashing light when emergent brakes
drop within 1.8 seconds when driving speed reaches 40 meters or above, 4 doors can be automatically unlocked, passangers can be in time to escape danger and the light will flash, which can play a role as urgent reminder.

4.Circular locking
if someone get off during the trip, when you hang "N" gear, 4 doors can be automatically unlocked, convenient for passangers to get off, after then hang "D" gear , the 4 doors will be automatically locked again.


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