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Nissan Navara D23 2016 - 2020 Speed lock With TPMS


Nissan Navara D23 2016+ Speedlock With Tyre pressure monitering system
Function: speed lock

1. Tyre pressure monitoring

TPMS function is done via the OBD port of the car, so it picks up major under or over inflation and alerts the driver. This doesn't make use of external sensors locking

When engaging gear D, the 4 central locks will auto lock to prevent from children opening the door by mistake or being robbed when waiting for the red light unlocking

When selecting gear P, 4 central locks will auto unlock for the convenience of passenger to get out unlock and flashing light when emergency brakes

brakes within 1.8 seconds when driving speed of 40 yards, 4 doors can be automatically unlocked,in time to escape from danger and the light will flash, which can play a role as urgent reminder.

 5.flashing light when reverse the car

When selecting "R" gear , left and right turning lamps flash to improve safety.

Description  NISSAN car speed lock.
Car Make Specialized for Speed lock device for original NISSAN
Voltage DC 12V
Features 1.Plug and play design,no need to connect any wires.
2.NISSAN automotive products and equipment.
3.Fully automatic switching device to make your life more secure.
4.Simple installation.
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