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Nissan Navara D23 Speed Lock 2016 - 2020


Auto Door Lock Closing OBD Car speed lock  for 
This product will fit any Nissan Navara D23 2016- 2020
Function: speed lock locking

When engaging gear D, the 4 central locks will auto-lock to prevent children from opening the door by mistake or being robbed when waiting at the traffic light. unlocking

When selecting gear P, 4 central locks will auto-unlock for the convenience of a passenger to get out

3. auto-unlock and flashing lights when emergently brakes

Tap the brakes within 1.8 seconds when driving speed ge 40 yards, 4 doors can be automatically unlocked, in time to escape from danger and the light will flash, which can play a role as an urgent reminder.



Simple plug & play installation via the OBD port

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