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Kut snake VX200 Fender Flares Front #38/Rear #38

Kut snake LC200 Fender Flares

Kut Snake Logo

Kut-Snake fender flares for Toyota Land Cruiser 200:

Kut-Snake fender flares for your Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series are some of the thoughest and best looking fender flares in the world.

These are genuine Kut Snake fender flares, they have the logo engraved into the fender flare.

If there is no logo on the flare, they are NOT Kut-Snake !

Inferior copies made of cheap, thin plastic that are not ABS, these cheap non ABS versions will crack, fade and will go brittle in a matter of months.

About Kut-Snake fender flares for your Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series

Designed to stand up to the toughest of conditions.  Each product comes with rubber and screws where required.

Precision moulded from high grade ABS and specifically designed for each vehicle model.  We recommend keeping the fender flares in a warm environment for at least 24 hours prior to installation, to allow the material to become supple and workable.

Please note that this is a 6 pieces set due to changes in the design ! (pictures show 4 piece set)

Kut-Snake Product Features

  • Tough and ultra flexible
  • Textured finish (for some models we have Smooth Finish as well)
  • No painting required, bur they can be painted
  • UV Resistant (no sun fade, no brittleness)
  • 2 year warranty


Notice: Before you order Kut-Snake fender flares read the following information carefully and make sure you understand them. For fitting the you will be drilling holes in your car. In order to obtain the perfect fit some flares need to be trimmed slightly and/or heated with a heat-gun.  If you are not confident in your ability’s, or have doubts as to whether or not you can do the job we recommend having them installed by a professional accessory installer. We accept no liability for any mistakes or damage that you may cause by fitting this product. Installation time is approx. 4 hours for a novice.

At all times the ambient temperature should be 20 degrees Celsius or more when fitting the Kut-Snake flares.

You can only buy genuine Kut-Snake fender flares from us

Professional fitment recommended. 

Front #38/Rear #38


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