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Kut Snake Flares for Land Rover Defender 1988-2017 ABS - Code - Front #30/Rear #30



ABS Injection Moulded.

These flares add approx 95mm of wheel coverage to your guard to allow for fitting of larger tyres with bigger offset rims to give your Defender a more aggressive stance.

The tough durable ABS molded plastic is much stronger than traditional fiberglass, with a UV stabilized stippled semi gloss finish no painting is required, however they can be painted if you choose. 

Professional installation is recommended. Installers are available Australia-wide. 

Measurements: 95mm from the top of the flare looking down and out to the edge of the flare from the body of the vehicle.
* These flares are secured to the body panels with the stainless steel allen key head and self-threading screws. Some drilling, trimming and moudling may be required. Whilst they are easy to fit, they are also easy to fit incorrectly. We recommend fitting by experienced fitters. If you install yourself, we will not take responsibility for damages you cause.

These are genuine Kut Snake flares, they have the logo engraved into the flare.
If there is no logo on the flare, they are NOT Kut Snake

Beware of inferior copies that are made of cheap, thin plastic that are not ABS.
The cheap non ABS versions will crack, fade and go brittle in a matter of months.
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