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Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve Crimpless Butt Connectors Red 18-22 AWG


Product Description

  • 18-22 AWG  heat shrink connectors,An easy one step connection of wires, soldered, insulated and sealed
  • Can be ideal use in marine and automobile applications
  • Polyolefin tubing in outside and hot melt adhesive in inside
  • Solder and seal and with advanced waterproof function
  • Polyolefin heat shrink butt connectors improved pullout strength, provides seal, strain relief, cable check, and insulation


● CONVENIENT TO USE - NO need to crimp. Transparent sleeve provides precise inspection when strip and insert wires inside. Color-coded tubing makes it easy for you to pick up for use.
● DURABLE CONNECTION - Tubing reduces in size and solder will melt and flow through the stripped wires, ensure strong holding. Your wire will never slip out of the connector.
● WIDE APPLICATIONS - Ideal used for vehicle, motorcycle, boat, DIY electrical wiring and other outdoor applications. 

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