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Autool GPS Inclinometer Angle Tilt Slope Meter Indicator Level Gauge Speed Alarm



Autool X90 GPS Slope Meter is a smart GPS multi- functional horizontal speedometer for driving, fully supports high-precision monitoring of car speed, vehicle tilt angle, vehicle pitch angle changes, compass, altitude, latitude and longitude, time and car battery voltage status, to escort your driving safety


Product Introduction:
A smart GPS multi-functional horizontal speedometer for driving, fully supports high-precision monitoring of car speed, vehicle tilt angle, vehicle pitch angle changes, compass, time and car battery voltage status, to ensure your driving safety.

Applicable to Asian cars, American cars, European cars.
Equipped with high-precision satellite GPS signal module.
Automatically monitor vehicle driving conditions.
Adjust the brightness of the screen by using the sensitivity of the light
Free rotation, which is more sensitive.
It adopts color HD LCD display with high resolution.

Product Function:
Precisely shows vehicle tilt angle with clear notification, when the angle is over 40°, alarm alerts.
Precisely show vehicle pitch angle changes,when the angle is over 40°the alarm alerts to insure your safety.
After connected to power supply, there will be backlight inside, which will help you see accurately in case of night or dark situation.
Elevation error within 5- 100 meters.
After the vehicle starts the speedometer starts automatically, after car parking the meter will be in sleep mode automatically.
Over speed alarm.
Fatigue driving alarm alerts after driving for 4 hours

Power :DC 10V ~ 30V
Working Temperature:-40"C ~ +80"C
Depression& Elevation angle: -40'~ +40"
Roll Angle :-40'~ +40"
Clock Error Value :< 1minute
Voltage Measurement Range:DC5V~30V
Voltage Measurement Accuracy:O.5V
Speed Accuracy:< 0.36Km/h
GPS Cold Boot Time :32s (Average)
GPS Hot Boot Time: 1s (Average)
GPS Data Refresh Time:1s
Wireless Transmission Frequency:2. 4GHz
Product Size:70*59*59(mm)

Product Instructions:
1. Park the car on a level surface, stick the adhesive on the product, adjust and fix it in the vehicle for easy horizontal view.
2. Before driving, connect the power supply and wait to receive the satellite GPS signal until the data shows normal.
3. Long and hold the setting button and click the start butt
ton to adjust the electronic clock.
4. Press and hold the start button, and click the setting button to adjust the time of the X90.

Attention please:
The X90 receives GPS signals through satellite transmission.Large
obstructions such as the underground parking lot, tunnels, high-rise buildings,etc. will interfere the GPS signal searching, which normally lead to failure to read the speed data. Meanwhile, there is a certain error of altitude data within a range of 5 to 100 meters in low altitude areas, while the error in high altitude areas can be ignored. The cause of this error is related to satellite signals.

1x Host
1x 12 Socket Plug 
1x Fixed pad
1x User manual(English only)
1x Package box


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