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12V Mini Power Box


Power up to 12 Devices Simultaneously
12V Mini Power Box distributes power from your auxiliary battery to power up to 12 different devices at once. Built with 6 x USB Ports, 4 x 12V Cig Sockets and 2 x Anderson input/output, so you can power phones, and tablets while also powering 12V fridges, ovens, vac sealers, projectors & more!
6 X USB Ports Featuring USB-C & QC3 Ports
get blazing fast charging on all your USB devices with the USB-C and the QC3 Port (Quick Charge 3.0). Charge phones tablets & more! Charge up to 6 USB devices simultaneously!
2 Anderson input/outputs - Charge From solar
Power 12V Fridges, travel ovens or even charge your auxiliary battery from regulated solar panels using the quick connect Anderson connectors.
Built-in 3-Stage LED Light
Never be lost in the dark again! The  Mini Box has a built-in convenient 3-stage LED light that is perfect for providing light when you cannot find your phone or torch.
LED Voltmeter Multi-Colour
At a glance, the LED voltmeter will tell you if your battery is in optimal condition. With its multi-coloured display, you can clearly see the voltage of your battery day or night. Never end up with an unexpected flat battery. Please note the on/off switch is for the voltmeter only.
Multiple Mounting Options
Two convenient mounting points allow for an easier installation into your canopy, camper or caravan.
Anti-Slip Rubber Feet
The anti-slip rubber feet will not only prevent your power box from slipping, but they will also ensure the mini power box does not scratch any surfaces.
Protective dust cover & Anderson Cable Protective Cover
Protect the USB ports with the protective USB dust cover. The Anderson cable protective cover protects the end cable from dust and prevents the cable from being pulled out of the socket.
A battery MUST be connected prior to connecting a regulated solar panel. The regulated solar panel MUST be disconnected from the Mini Power Box before the battery is disconnected. Failing to do so may void your warranty.
Please note: This unit is not waterproof and should not be mounted out in the elements.
Please Note: This unit is not a power source. You must connect to a power supply to power your devices.
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