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12Volt 6 Gang button switch panel with relay control box


■ Power up to 6 lights and accessories. Operating at 12V and a max power rating of 600W. This 6 switch electronic relay module provides ample power for your lights.
■ An integrated temperature protection system enables you to safely power all connected lights. The fuse and relays are designed to prevent overheating and protect your lights.
■ Easy and quick installation. With plug and play wiring and easy-to-install components, set-up is quick and hassle-free.
■ Designed for your ultimate convenience, this wiring kit has everything you need for installation and us.
Ideal for controlling:
■ LED light bars
■ Exterior and interior lights
■ Off-road lights
■ Vehicle accessories
■ 1 x 6-switch panel
■ 1 x relay box
■ 1 x plug and play wiring
■ 1 x Output wires
■  Mounting bracket
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