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TW500 Car TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System With external Sensors

Autool TW500 TPMS smart meter extends the concept of combining the car head-up display function with the car slope meter, greatly improving the safety escort level of the product to the user.

Autool TW500 TPMS smart meter acquires data from the satellite through the GPS/Beidou Navigation dual-channel module. The dual-channel module has the advantages of strong star search capability and stable signal. The TPMS smart integrated machine is used in all models on the market.

With Autool TW500 TPMS smart all-in-one meter, you can drive without lowering you head, and pay attention to the vehicle dynamics at any time. You can also see the status of the vehicle tires. The TW500 TPMS smart meter uses LCD color display. The visual effect is great and clear at a glance. TPMS  smart all-in-one meter features include detecting tire pressure, tire temperature, speed, altitude, time, etc.

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