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Radar Renegade RT+


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Radar Renegade RT+  Rugged Terrain Tyre f

A super aggressive looking, wide, but very quiet tyre.

The Renegade RT+ is the all-new Rugged Terrain tyre range in the Radar Tires Renegade family. ... On-road, this tire gives drivers superior handling with a quiet and smooth ride, while off-road it has the capability to go anywhere that a pure MT tyre can.

We have the following options available (prices are for 1):

245/75R16 - R2,449.50

265/75R16 - R2,548.86

285/75R16 - R2,882.82

265/65R17 - R2,775.18

265/70R17 - R2,882.82

285/70R17 - R2,955.96

35X12.50R17 - R3,674.94

37X12.50R17 - R3,898.50

37X13.50R17 - R4,348.83

295/60R20 - R3,147.78

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