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Radar Renegade R7 M/T


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The Renegade R7 M/T is a Mud Terrain tyre that has been designed specifically for extreme off-road applications. This range is designed to fit SUVs and light trucks and is suitable for vehicles with lift-kits. It features a reinforced 3-ply casing for high durability and state-of-the-art Stone-Ejector-Technology which prevents stone retention and subsequent tyre damage. An ideal choice for drivers who want no compromise with off-road traction and handling.

    • SUV/4X4

We have the following options available:

235/85R16 - R2561.28

245/75R16 - R2248.02

265/75R16 - R2697.90

285/75R16 - R3100.86

315/75R16 - R3374.10

265/70R17 - R2624.76

285/70R17 - R3026.34

295/70R17 - R3314.76

35/12.50R17 - R3459.66 (125Q OWL)

35/12.50R17 - R3597.66 (125K OWL)

265/65R18 - R2955.96 (125/122Q) 

275/70R18 - R3244.38

285/65R18 - R3171.24

33X12.50R18 - R3868.14

35X12.50R18 - R3677.70

275/60R20 - R3829.50

315/60R20 - R4195.20

33X12.50R20 - R3677.70

35X12.50R20 - R3674.94

37X12.50R20 - R3920.58

37X13.50R20 - R4273.86

33X12.50R22 - R4094.46

35X12.50R22 - R4799.64

37X12.50R22 - R4424.28

37C13.50R22 - R4273.86


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